Naturopathic Treatments

3. Phytotherapy

The healing power of plants

In the phytotherapy (greek phyton=plant, therapeia=care) or herbal medicine, one of the oldest therapy forms, ailments are being treated with the help of active ingredients of plants.

Description of the method:

Generally herbal preparations have a wider range of efficacy and less side effects than synthetic medicine.

The phytotherapy is, like the homeopathy, a special therapy form, that apart from natural scientific standard of evaluation consults existing experience material.

Different from homeopathy, the effect of herbal preparations can be explained within the natural scientific world view. An important difference in this regard is the dose rate-effect-relationship: the higher the dosage in phytotherapy, the stronger the effect, whereas in homeopathy it is the direct inverse.

Fields of application:

The phytotherapy is well indicated to treat different illnesses, like emotional irritation, stomach problems, gastrointestinal disorders, or pain in the stomach area. With common colds and light infections the phytotherapy is frequently applied.

In dermatology different herbal preparations are being used. Skin deseases, burns, eczema and wounds can be treated with phytotherapy.

1. Neuro Therapy

Holistic regulation therapy

2. Homeopathy

Likes are to be cured with likes.

3. Phytotherapy

The healing power of plants.

4. Bach flowers

Flowers which heal through the soul.

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