Microimmuno Therapy

A bridge between conventional and complementary therapies

The microimmuno therapy was developed 40 years ago by the belgium doctor and scientist Dr. Maurice Jenaer, president of the International Institute for Microimmuno therapy.

Description of the method:

The microimmuno therapy is a therapy form that works with highly diluted and homeopatically treated substances which can be found in the immune system. The aim is to transfer information to the immune system in order to regenerate its natural reaction processes.

Fields of application:

Microimmuno therapy is the indicated therapy form, to treat diseases caused by a weakened or disbalanced immunal system.

Above all:

  • Viral infections: Hepatiden (Hepatitis A, B, C), Herpes simplex I und II / Herpes zoster (Gürtelrose, Epstein Barr/EBV-Infektionen, Zytomegalie, Papilloma-Virus/HPV-Infektionen, Warzen)
  • Bacterial infections: Toxoplasmose, Chlamydien-Infections 
  • Other indications: chronical fatigue syndrom (CFS), immunal disorders, allergies, hey fever, neurodermitis, psoriasis, borreliosis
  • Autoimmunal diseases: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, M. Bechterew, M. Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa, Zöliakie, M. Basedow/Hashimoto and many more
  • Complementary treatment in cases of cancer patients: tumors, Leukämien, especially Pankreaskrebs and all Epithelial cancers = Carzinome
  • Complementary treatment bei Immunschwäche: AIDS, Vermeidung von zusätzlichen Infekten bei AIDS

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