Naturopathic Treatments

4. Bach flowers

Flowers which heal through the soul

The bach flower therapy was developed in the 30´s by the english Dr. Edward Bach (1886–1936) and is based on the idea, that the bonded energy of flowers has got a regulating effect on the emotional condition of humans.

Description of the method:

Dr. Bach has investigated and described 38 pure flower essences, the "Happy Souls" of the flora. Bach flowers work upon the negative emotional states of a human and not upon his illness. Through the psychic impact often the physical symptoms are enhanced as well.

The flowers are recollected on the highest bloom in very specific places, put into spring water and exposed to the sun. That way the energy of the flowers is conferred to the water according to Dr. Bach´s belief.

Fields of aplication:

Dr. Bach has divided his 38 essences in 7 categories according to different emotional states: fear, insecurity, loss of interest, loneliness, hypersensitivity against ideas and thoughts, dejection and despair, overprotection of others.

The bach flowers can be used as well for emotional health care, for the evolution of conciousness, to strengthen the character or to change behaviour patterns.

1. Neuro Therapy

Holistic regulation therapy

2. Homeopathy

Likes are to be cured with likes.

3. Phytotherapy

The healing power of plants.

4. Bach flowers

Flowers which heal through the soul.

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