Naturopathic Treatments

2. Homeopathy

Similia similibus curentur (or: likes are to be cured with likes)

The founder and eponym is the German doctor Dr. med. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He derived the description Homeopathy from the Greek. From homoios = similar and pathos = ailment. Homeopathy means literally "similar ailment".

Description of the method:

Different from academic medicine the homeopathy does not treat illnesses, but ill humas. For homeopathy the healthy body is a system which is in balance. In an ill body this balance is disturbed.

The homeopathy as a stimulus and regulation therapy gives the body the chance to recover this balance through its own means. Homeopaths search for the causes of illness in the total complex of the human, in his body and soul unity. And they treat the whole human under consideration of all symptoms. With medicine that would cause in a healthy person similar symptoms. Just following Samuel Hahnemanns Similie-rule: Likes are to be cured with likes.

The homeopathy is no passive therapy, but it is a help to self-help. It stimulates the body´s defences, advocating the ability of the organism for reaction, regulation, adaption and regeneration.


Let us take the Stinging nettle, to illustrate how the treatment principle works. We all know: the nettle produces itching, aching blisters. And of this effect homeopaths take advantage corresponding to the Simile-Principle. They use Urtica urens, the little nettle, for illnesses with similiar ailments, like light burns, urticaria and insect stings.

Fields of application:

With acute illnesses the homeopathy has proven to be an effective therapy form, for example with:
  • Common colds
  • Headaches
  • Stomach-intestine-ailments and many more
Considerable success has the homeopathy with chronic illnesses, as for example with:
  • Hay fever and neurodermitits
  • chronical gut inflammation
  • rheumatic affections with joint- and spinal column ailments, as well as sciatica
But there are illnesses, in which the self healing powers are blocked due to a missing substance (f.e. diabetes). In this case the homeopathy comes to its limits.

1. Neuro Therapy

Holistic regulation therapy

2. Homeopathy

Likes are to be cured with likes.

3. Phytotherapy

The healing power of plants.

4. Bach flowers

Flowers which heal through the soul.

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