Magnetic Field Therapy

Help through natural vibrations

Under this complementary medical method we understand the therapy with homogenic or pulsating magnetic fields.

Description of the method:

A magnetic field is a force field, that can be produced either by a natural magnetic stone or by artificial means. Around every conducting medium, through which runs electricity, magnetism is created. The other way around, every magnetic field creates electricity in a conducting medium. A principle of which the magnetic field therapy takes advantage, since in the human body ions, electrically charged particles can be found.

Fields of application:

What the magnetic field therapy can do:

  • Activation and acceleration of self healing power of the organism on the celular level
  • Enhancement of the celular metabolism and detoxication of the body
  • Empowerment of the imunne system and activation of the hormone metabolism
  • Abatement of pain and improvement of body and soul wellness
  • Enhancement of perfomance
  • Interference elimination and harmonisation of the organism and the vegetative neural system
  • Improvement of the oxygen supply of the cells
  • Enhancement of blood circulation and stabilisation of the circulation

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